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  REGNET - Consortium Agreement      
22.10.01 RN_CAv04 doc 228KB RN Consortium Agreement
22.10.01 RN_CAv03 (FINAL Version - signed) doc 238KB RN Consortium Agreement/copyright
15.10.01 RN_CAv02 doc 247KB RN Consortium Agreement
10.09.01 RN_CAv01 doc 183KB RN Consortium Agreement
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/RN_TA_9_7.doc doc 279KB TA-Chapter 9.7,
List of partners
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/U-CAver1-1_MOT.doc doc 22KB MOT-Comments (UCA)
  Unified Consortium Agreement  (UCA)      
26.04.01 ../documents/contract/CA/UNIFIED CONSORTIUM_H.doc doc 404KB Unified CA, Hoorens
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/U-CAver1-1.doc doc 114KB Unified CA, vers.1.1
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/U-CAWkshp.ppt ppt 41KB The UCA: Main Issues (RichardTomlin)
05.12.00 htm Richard Tomlin
  Model Contract  (EU/MC)      
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/moc_rtdp_en_199901.pdf pdf 179KB Model Contract (RTD)
05.12.00 htm Link to Model Contracts
  Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk       
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/checklist_en.pdf pdf 35KB Checklist for a Consortium Agreement
05.12.00 htm Consortium Agreement Tutorial
05.12.00 htm Comparison: UCA-EU/MC
05.12.00 htm Comparison: UCA-EU/MC
  German contributions      
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/UCA_dt_991110.pdf pdf 138KB Unified CA, vers.1.1 (Konsortialvertrag)
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/konsortialvertrag.pdf pdf 73KB Hinweise zum Konsortialvertrag
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/Folien_UCA_000214.pdf pdf 36KB Folien zum Konsortialvertrag
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/moc_rtdp_de_199901.pdf pdf 189KB Model Contract (RTD) (EU-Mustervertrag)
05.12.00 documents/contract/CA/mustervertrag_faq.pdf pdf 92KB FAQ zum EU-Mustervertrag
05.12.00 htm Hinweise zum 5.Rahmenprogramm
05.12.00 htm Konsortialvertrag der