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Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Lead participiant Estimated personmonths Del.type[1] Security[2] Delivery (proj.month)
D1 Content Creation and Content Management WP1 IMAC 34 report Rest. 6
D2 The REGNET - System: Specifications and State of the Art (zip - 3.9MB) WP1 ZEUS 72 report Pub. 6
D3 REGNET - Enterprise Engineering and Market Analysis
(zip - 6MB)
WP1 VALT 19 report Pub. 6
D4 Available Content and Products WP2 IMAC 42,5 report Rest. 12
D5 REGNET - System: Version 1 WP2 ZEUS 70 prototype Rest. 12
D6 System Services and Business Processes
(zip - 2.6MB)
WP2 VALT 24 report Pub. 12
D7 Validation of the REGNET System operation & Preparation of the REGNET - Demonstration Phase WP3 IMAC 51 report FP5 15
D8 The REGNET - System: Version 2 WP3 VALT 34 prototype Rest. 15
D9 REGNET System operation WP4 TARX 55 report Rest. 24
D10 REGNET - Demonstration (Trial Service) WP4 VALT 20 prototype Rest. 24
D11 REGNET trial service and recommendations
(zip - 1.9MB)
WP4 IAT 6 report Pub. 24
D12 Technology Implementation Plan WP5 MOT 20 report Rest. 24
D13 REGNET - Information Dissermination Activities
(zip - 1.7MB)
WP6 SPAC 17 report Pub. 5
D14 REGNET - Quality Assurance System WP7 MOT 6 report Rest. 6
D15 Final Report
(zip - 4.2MB)
WP7 AIT 6 report Pub. 24
D16 Project Presentation (Web Presence) WP7 AIT 6 Web Site Pub. 3
D17 Project Presentation (Fact Sheet)
(zip - 17KB)
WP7 AIT 3 Fact Sheet Pub. 3

[1] A short, self - evident description e.g. report, demonstration, conference, specification, prototype...
Int. Internal circulation within project (and Commission Project Officer if requested)
Rest. Restricted circulation list (specify in footnote) and Commission PO only
IST Circulation within IST Programme participants
FP 5 Circulation within Framework Programme participants
Pub. Public document
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